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Manas ghale dissed purba ?

Manas ghale, kathmandu based rapper released his new song ” Bhaicott” in his youtube channel . Lots of people are criticizing him for this rap because its a subliminal diss to rappers like professor Trix and Ease.

Rapper Girish khatiwada is also supporting Ghale , as seen in the youtube comment. Nephop diss game is being more intresting and everyone is waiting for the Ease and Trix reply.

Ghale also said he is waiting for the reply and he will listen the diss if it is in english only because its hiphop and its international.
He also thanked the listeners of purba for giving more hype to the songs.

Nephop and Hiphop is being always hot topic in the scene . Most of the purbeli rappers are against the name ” Nephop” because its totally kathmandu hiphop scene.

And this beef is also taken as the Nephop vs Nepali hiphop.