Ruthless talked about yabi and paschimey.

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Ruthless talked about yabi and paschimey.

Akram sekh, itahari .

Recently, Ruthless discussed the relationship between Yabi and Paschimey on the Runway Records podcast. According to him, both artists represent the same locales and share a strong friendship. Therefore, it would be beneficial for them not to oppose each other. Ruthless mentioned that he has personally met Yabi and shares a good rapport with him.

In response, Paschimey stated that he views Yabi not just as a friend but as a younger brother. He emphasized that excellence in music should translate into real-life virtues; otherwise, it becomes fake in every aspect; fake music, fake rap, fake thoughts, fake energy, and fake authenticity.

Following these exchanges, JoJo Raka expressed dissatisfaction, questioning why there is so much talk instead of celebrating Yabi’s success and being content with it.