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VTEN’s YouTube Channel Mysteriously Unavailable. 

Saroj Shrestha , Itahari 

Nepali rap sensation VTEN has captivated audiences with his electrifying lyrics and mesmerizing beats, but fans were left puzzled when his official YouTube channel, VTEN Music, suddenly became inaccessible. As speculation swirls around the possible reasons for its unavailability, neither VTEN nor his team has issued an official statement, leaving fans to wonder if the channel has been hacked or intentionally hidden.

VTEN, whose real name is Samir Ghising, rose to prominence in the Nepali music scene with his unique blend of rap and storytelling. His thought-provoking lyrics coupled with infectious rhythms have earned him a devoted following both in Nepal and beyond. With millions of views on his music videos and a strong social media presence, VTEN has become one of the most influential figures in Nepali hip-hop.

The sudden disappearance of VTEN’s YouTube channel has left fans disheartened and eager for answers. Many have taken to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where VTEN maintains active profiles, in search of information and updates. However, as of now, there has been no clarification from VTEN or his team regarding the status of his YouTube channel.

Speculations abound regarding the reasons behind the channel’s unavailability. Some fans fear that it may have fallen victim to hacking, while others speculate that VTEN may have intentionally hidden the channel for reasons yet unknown. Whatever the case may be, fans are hopeful for a swift resolution and the return of VTEN’s music to the YouTube platform.

VTEN’s impact on the Nepali music scene cannot be overstated, and his absence from YouTube leaves a void for fans who eagerly await new releases and music videos. His YouTube channel served as a hub for his discography, allowing fans to easily access his music and stay updated on his latest projects. Without it, many are left feeling disconnected from their favorite artist.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding VTEN’s YouTube channel, his presence on other social media platforms remains steadfast. Fans continue to show their support and solidarity, expressing their hope for the swift return of VTEN’s music to YouTube. Until then, they eagerly await any updates or announcements from VTEN himself or his team.

The unavailability of VTEN’s official YouTube channel has left fans in a state of confusion and anticipation. Whether due to hacking or intentional action, the absence of his music from YouTube is keenly felt by his dedicated fanbase. As fans eagerly await news and updates, they remain hopeful for the prompt resolution of this situation and the return of VTEN’s music to the platform that helped  him to stardom.