NEPAL BATTLE STATION: Astro Boyz’s 14th Anniversary

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NEPAL BATTLE STATION: Astro Boyz’s 14th Anniversary

Nepal’s breaking scene is about to witness an explosion of talent as Astro Boyz Crew gears up to celebrate the 14th anniversary of their iconic event, Astro Jam. Known for its electrifying atmosphere and fierce competition, this year’s Astro Jam promises to be a spectacle like no other. Held in Kathmandu, this event is set to take place on March 16th and 17th, showcasing the raw energy and creativity of Nepal’s b-boying community.

Astro Jam holds a special place in the hearts of b-boys and b-girls across Nepal, as it’s organized by the venerable Astro Boyz Crew, one of the oldest and most respected crews in the country. With their dedication to preserving and promoting the breaking culture, the Astro Boyz Crew has been instrumental in shaping Nepal’s breaking scene over the years.

What sets Astro Jam apart from other breaking events is its commitment to bringing in top-tier judges who are legends in the global breaking community. This year, the main judge for the various battles will be none other than Bboy Born, a breaking and hip-hop maestro with an impressive 25 years in the game. Hailing from Korea and the USA, Bboy Born has made waves worldwide as a member of Rivers Crew (Seoul), Mighty Zulu Kings (Worldwide), and Ready To Rock (Worldwide). His expertise in breaking is unparalleled, and his presence at Astro Jam is sure to elevate the competition to new heights.

But it’s not just the seasoned veterans who will be showcasing their skills at Astro Jam. The event also includes a kids breaking battle, judged by none other than Bboy L Marron, representing the Astro Boyz Crew. This inclusion of young talent highlights Astro Jam’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of breakers and ensuring the longevity of the breaking culture in Nepal.

With substantial prize money up for grabs, the competition at Astro Jam is fierce. Winners of the 2 on 2 breaking battle will walk away with a grand prize of Rs 50,000, while the 1 on 1 breaking battle offers a prize of Rs 25,000. The footwork battle, known as the 7 to Smoke, boasts a prize of Rs 10,000, encouraging breakers to showcase their most dynamic moves. Additionally, the 1 on 1 kids breaking battle offers a prize of Rs 10,000, while the 2 on 2 rep your style battle presents a prize of Rs 20,000.

As the anticipation builds and the date approaches, the breaking community in Nepal is buzzing with excitement. Astro Jam not only provides a platform for breakers to showcase their skills but also serves as a celebration of the vibrant breaking culture that thrives in Nepal. With top-notch judging, substantial prizes, and an electric atmosphere, Astro Jam’s 14th anniversary is set to be a landmark event in Nepal’s breaking history. So mark your calendars for March 16th and 17th and get ready to witness the power, passion, and creativity of Nepal’s b-boying community at Nepal Battle Station: Astro Jam.