Unpaid Nepali Beat Producers, The Underappreciated Backbone of the Rap Industry

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Unpaid Nepali Beat Producers, The Underappreciated Backbone of the Rap Industry

Saroj Shrestha , Itahari 

In Nepali rap music, where artists captivate audiences with their lyrical prowess and stage presence, there’s a crucial but often overlooked element that sets the tone for their performances: the beats. Behind every catchy hook and memorable verse lies the creative work of beat producers who craft the musical canvas upon which rappers paint their stories.

However, recent controversies have shed light on a troubling trend within the industry: the failure of rappers and event organizers to compensate beat producers for their contributions. One such case involves the CEO of ANTF, Nimsang Sherpa, calling out Rawbarz for allegedly not paying beat producer Lay Zy for his work on their beats. Sherpa even hinted at purchasing the beats for ANTF’s season 2, potentially leading to copyright disputes with Rawbarz.  But till now there is no any official statement from Rawbarz and Lay zy regarding this issue . 

Similarly, beat producer Ruthless aired his grievances over unpaid revenue from the album “Superstar,” where he provided beats for rapper Vten. The controversy surrounding this issue prompted Vten to rectify the situation by compensating Ruthless, bringing an end to the dispute.

Adding fuel to the fire, beat producer Young Shadow took to Instagram to voice his frustration over rappers failure to pay for beats he produced. This incident has sparked widespread discussion within the community, with many rappers and industry pages rallying behind the producers in their quest for fair compensation.

The significance of beat producers in the music industry cannot be overstated. They are the architects of the sonic landscapes that elevate rap songs from mere words to immersive experiences. Despite their indispensable role, beat producers often find themselves sidelined when it comes to receiving proper recognition and payment for their work.

The issue of unpaid beat producers highlights broader issues of exploitation and inequality within the music industry. While rappers bask in the limelight and event organizers reap the benefits of successful shows, the individuals responsible for laying the foundation of their success are often left empty-handed.

It’s high time for the industry to recognize the value of beat producers and ensure that they are compensated fairly for their contributions. Establishing transparent payment structures and fostering mutual respect between artists, event organizers, and producers is essential for creating a sustainable and equitable music ecosystem.

As the spotlight shines on these controversies, it serves as a wake-up call for the industry to address the systemic issues that perpetuate the exploitation of beat producers. By advocating for their rights and demanding accountability from all stakeholders, we can strive towards a future where creativity is valued, and everyone receives their due recognition and compensation.