Next rap reality show “ Rap battle Nepal “ big hopes but no big hiphop heads.

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Next rap reality show “ Rap battle Nepal “ big hopes but no big hiphop heads.

itahari , Nepal

Saroz Shrestha

In the dynamic landscape of Nepali music, the hip-hop genre has been steadily gaining momentum, attracting not only passionate artists but also corporate interest. Youjeesa International, recognizing the potential of this vibrant culture, recently organized a press meet at Soaltee Hotel to announce their upcoming venture – the eagerly anticipated “Rap Battle Nepal” (Rap Ko Mahayuddha). While the prospect of corporate involvement sparks excitement, concerns linger about whether these events truly offer the recognition that emerging rap artists deserve.

The allure of hip-hop, especially the rap genre, has not escaped the notice of corporate entities. However, the challenge lies in bridging the gap between the corporate world and the authentic hip-hop community. Often, events become more business-centric, leaving artists in the shadows without the recognition they rightfully deserve.

The recent rap reality show, “RAPSTAR,” serves as a poignant example of the pitfalls that can accompany corporate-backed ventures. Despite the backing, the show found itself mired in controversy, with even the judges expressing dissatisfaction with the organizers. This raises questions about the authenticity and fairness of such platforms and the need for a genuine space for rap artists to showcase their talents.

As the spotlight shifts to “Rap Battle Nepal,” hopes are high for a reality show that not only amplifies the energy and vibe of hip-hop but also provides a proper platform for new and emerging rap talents. The absence of a big face from the hip-hop industry in the show raises questions about how the organizers plan to infuse the authentic hip-hop spirit into the competition.

With audition dates confirmed , in Itahari on February 17, “Rap Ko Mahayuddha” promises to explore talent beyond the borders of conventional hip-hop hubs. Auditions in Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Siliguri further underline the organizers’ commitment to tapping into the diverse rap scenes across the region.

A significant highlight of “Rap Battle Nepal” is its association with AP1 Television, ensuring that the battles and performances of the participants reach a national audience. This broad exposure is expected to bring recognition to the emerging rap talents participating in the show.

A notable aspect of “Rap Ko Mahayuddha” is the absence of a prominent hip-hop influencer. This raises questions about how the organizers plan to infuse the necessary hip-hop energy and vibe into the show. The voting mechanism, a staple in rap reality shows, adds another layer of complexity, often diverting artists’ focus from their craft to the intricacies of the voting process.

As “Rap Battle Nepal” prepares to hit the airwaves on AP1 Television, the Nepali hip-hop community remains cautiously optimistic. The success of this venture will depend on the organizers’ ability to strike a balance between corporate interests and the authentic essence of hip-hop, providing a much-needed platform for rappers to shine without compromising their art. The journey begins with auditions, , the nation awaits the unfolding of “Rap Ko Mahayuddha” with anticipation and hope for a new era in the Nepali hip-hop scene.