Is Sacar loosing his hype by being gentleman ?

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Is Sacar loosing his hype by being gentleman ?

Saroz Shrestha, Itahari 

Sacar: From Viral boy to Gentleman Rapper – Is He Losing His Hype?

Sacar, known by his moniker “Lil Buddha,” is a prominent figure in the Nepali rap scene. He has experienced a unique journey in the world of music and social media, which has brought him both fame and controversy. While he has transformed from a viral boy  to a more mature and gentlemanly artist, some fans are beginning to question whether this transformation is causing him to lose his hype.

A few years ago, Sacar, as Lil Buddha, was a sensation on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. He was known for his provocative and energetic live sessions, where he engaged with his audience in a rather unconventional manner. These sessions often involved taunting and provoking individuals, but they resonated with many people who found his raw and unfiltered approach refreshing.

Sacar’s viral stardom was built on his ability to stir controversy and create buzz. People tuned in to see what he would do next, and his unapologetic attitude garnered him a significant following. His unconventional and somewhat chaotic persona made him a star name in Nepal’s rap scene. However, it was a double-edged sword, as his fame was built on controversy rather than musical prowess.

In recent years, Sacar underwent a transformation that took him away from the provocateur persona that made him famous. He began focusing on his music and adopting a more mature and gentlemanly image. This transition was welcomed by some, who appreciated his growth as an artist and individual. His latest album “ Ecstasy in the palace “ is perfect example of it. However, it also left others feeling nostalgic for the energetic Lil Buddha they had come to love.

Sacar’s journey took a significant turn with the “Evolution Tour,” a series of concerts managed by Positive Vibes Network . The tour covered cities like Kathmandu, Butwal, and Pokhara, drawing a decent audience. However, it didn’t quite match the flavor of his earlier days when he was known for his social media antics. His coming tour is in itahari , birtamode and many other cities. His latest release “Magic “ has 1.2 million + views in his youtube channel and it was loved by many people . Though many people appreciated his work , this song didnt create buzz as expected. No doubt , his recent songs are masterpeice but whats lacking is his own style of promoting albums.

The question arises: Is Sacar losing his hype by embracing a more gentlemanly image and focusing on his music? It’s a complex issue. On one hand, his evolution as an artist and a person is commendable, and his music has matured and improved significantly. On the other hand, fans who enjoyed the controversy and energy of his earlier days might feel that something is missing.

Sacar, aka Lil Buddha, is a talented rapper who has undergone a remarkable transformation from a viral provocateur to a more mature and gentlemanly artist. While this transition has led to better music and personal growth, it has also left some fans nostalgic for the days of chaos and controversy. The evolution of an artist can be a double-edged sword, and Sacar’s journey reflects this dilemma. Only time will tell whether his newfound maturity will sustain his career or if he will need to strike a balance between the past and the present to keep his hype alive.