Nawaj Ansari dedicates his new album ‘Hazaar Quitaab’ to his special fans.

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  • Nawaj Ansari dedicates his new album ‘Hazaar Quitaab’ to his special fans.

Nawaj Ansari dedicates his new album ‘Hazaar Quitaab’ to his special fans.

Hazaar Quitaab is the second studio album by Nepalese rapper and singer Nawaj Ansari, which was realeased on July 02, 2022, through Rinasa Records. The album includes features from Vyoma, YABI and I$H.

Alongside prominent production from the album’s executive producers Nawaj Ansari, Jxxded and Pratik Jung Hamal, further contributors include Leugain Beatzz, Curaz, CEDES, KXVI, MYSLF, Revenge, Lou Xtwo, Letzer, RNB Rose, Rajaste, VSHY, Waytoolost, Team Berserker, Rinasa Records and Vue beats.

Hazaar Quitaab is a two part album released as Side A and Side B, with 16 songs on each sides. With a massive tracklist of 32 songs, Nawaj Ansari wants to give an extensive and meaningful listening experience to his fans. This is a debut Nepali album for Nawaj Ansari. Prior to Hazaar Quitaab, Nawaj Ansari released “25 – In the Rain” which got great reviews and appreciation from his listeners.

Hazaar Quitaab features a mixture of braggadocio and emotional lyrics, with a hint of nostalgia of his past life in Nepal. He further elaborates by touching topics like romance, relationship with friends and family, sex, narcissism, alcohol, hustle and ambitions.This album was started and completed in 2022. In the words of Nawaj Ansari “Visual Alchemy of this album was done by Pratik Jung Hamal (Jungey’s World)”. Post production of this album was completed by Nawaj Ansari and Jxxded, with mastering contributions from Jxxded.

Nawaj Ansari he himself said that “I want to dedicate this album ‘ Hazaae Qutaab’ to my  real supporters who were there supporting me from day one. I have tried to remain true to art and I feel good when people recognize that.”

Words from man himslef.

More about Nawaj Ansari;
Nawaj Ansari known by his creativity, art and versatility is currently living in Dallas, US for more than half decade. He is originally from Nepal who started his musical career from 2015. He is the same guy from the popular Tihar song (released on 2014) who was unknown at the time but was noticed by everyone. After 2018 he became more  active and started to release his songs on his own youtube channel (Nawaj Ansari). As per research he has done more than 200 projects up to now.Nawaj Ansari known for his independent work plus his workaholic vibe. His  previous album ‘ 25 – In the rain’ was full of surprise and new taste. Some of his major popular release includes ‘Genji’, ‘Saman Nikal’, ‘She is the Bomb’, ‘Samrajya’, ‘Sahi ho’……..