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Lay Zy speaks !!!

Why do we create platforms for Artists? Is it because we want to give them the opportunity to explore their talents or to compete with other platforms who are giving the same opportunity to Artists for them to go beyond what they are able to do with their talents?

This generation of Rappers are so lucky to have all these great multiple platforms like Rawbarz, ANTF, Nephop ko Shreepech, Breakbarz, Nephop Star where they can showcase their talents, and get their music be heard across the world, I am really thankful.

Compared to back in the day, we had to run to different record labels who did not even have any idea about Rap music with our burnt Cds, and cassette tapes just so they can hear us and get our songs across to different parts of the country.

We have the responsibility to shape the music scene as we have come so far with our experience and our talents that we make peace with one another and just think about how we can improve on our parts to give young talents the opportunity to make their experience better.

Create opportunities, Not Politics