On Nov.15 Grizzle dropped track ‘Sakdaina’ which was produced by himself. On the same day, it was Gurung Bimal’s birthday who is one of the talented and senior artists of Purba.

On Nov.16 everyday entertainment dropped the freestyle of different rappers that performed in Venturing Hip-hop Letang. The event was so successful and the crowd was wild.

On Nov.17 Babu Believer dropped his new song ‘Malai Baal’ which was produced by SikMusic, on the same day Jxxded dropped his new album Chase Discography with a total of 10 tracks.

On Nov.18 Dmriti dropped the new track ‘Blitzkrieg bop’ which was produced by Breezybeats on the same day Rhyme Freak dropped his new single ‘Die Young’ which was mix-mastered by himself.

On Nov.19 Durtagami dropped the new track ‘Gloves’ which was featured with Ease is Easy. The beat was produced by K-pass. On the same day, Sacar aka Lil Buddha dropped ‘Mohani’ which was featured with Milan.

On Nov.20 Young Lama dropped ‘Lifestyle’ which was featured with Maverik on the same day Tuki’s Gunasho 2.0 hit 100k on youtube.

On Nov.21 ANTF dropped the ep 12 of the competition.

Thank you see you next Monday.